Donalt Burness November 2016

Donald is a former University Professor who started writting poems after his retirement. He visited Greece to study the language, learn the culture and travel more. His poems are all about his wife and his journeys around the world, so when he visited Greece he got inspired and wrote some more poems. With Dan I made 2 tours and that is because I met him only some days before he leaves Greece to continue his journey. We visited the ancient city of Dion and the Mt. Hortiatis together.

The first tour was in Mount Hortiatis, almost 20 Km away from Thessaloniki, where we visited the massacre memorial and the church where this happened. We spoke with some locals and explored the history of the place. Then we drove up to the mountain, to the Scouts Shelter and we hiked a small and easy trail to reach a specific point with the best view of Thessaloniki from above. Actually from that point you can see on your right the whole Thermaicus gulf, if the sky is clear you can also see Mt. Olympus and from your right Agios Vasilios lake. Is a wonderfull place where the Cub Scouts call it “Eagle’s rock”. Then we drunk a bio herbal tea close to the fireplace, at a traditional cafe in Hortiatis village, we relaxed there and drove back to the city.

Don is a great story teller, I guess every poet is!

The second tour with Donald was in the ancient city of Dion, under Mt. Olympus. Don is very good at sketching every place he visits he draws something very quickly in his notebook as a souvenir from the visited place. He creates memories in an authentic way and that is what I do on the tours, too, that is why we had so much fun together!We walked among the ruins, we read about the history of the place and we made it ours for some time. The ancient columns that stand still, the mosaics and the statues of the Gods transfered us in an other period of time. We spend so much thime there, cause it was empty (November is an off season period), it was our playground of learning, we left only when it started rainning and we started to be hungry. We ate something local and traditional and came back in Thessaloniki accompanied with nice music on the road.

Every Private Tour includes pick up and delivery from your hotel and when your stay is over we could drive you to the airport, too. That’s what we did with Donald. We built so strong familiarity,  and he stayed in Thessaloniki for quite some time, so, he wanted somebody who like to drive him to the airport and say good bye.

Don was a very talented person! It was a pleasure to meet him and honour to guide him around the city. Thank you for your trust and your choice Don, good luck and travel safe…

You are always welcome to book another private tour with us and, please contact us in or here for more info about the destinations, the dates and the plans.

Enjoy your day and your trip with us…

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