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  • International Weekend Tour in Edirne, Turkey, 30 Nov – 1 Dec

    Would you like to travel in a small group of max. 20 people, with a luxurious mini van and stay at a boutique/5*star hotel?   This tour is for you!
    Would you like to taste the Turkish food, relax your body at a Turkish bath and wake up next to one of the biggest Turkish Mosques? This experience is definitely for you!
    Are you an expat in Thessaloniki, International student or someone who loves the multicultural environments? This networking event is for you!

    Bookings available until the 21st of November.

     The transfer from Thessaloniki to Edirne and back will become by a luxurious VIP mini bus of maximum capacity 20 people.
    • The hotel is a classy boutique hotel opposite the Selimiye mosque and exactly next to the traditional Turkish Hamam/Bath of the city, in a pedestrian road and a green garden to enjoy your breakfast.
    • The group will be guided to Selimiye Mosque, to eski Cami, mosque, will be doing baklava (local sweet) tasting, will be exploring the covered bazaar Arasta and have free time for the big shopping Malls of the city.

     Book your seat best before Friday the 21st of November.  

    Contact Thenia +30 6946773979.

     Thenia Gagalidou, is a Travel Blogger and experienced Tour Leader, who loves Turkey and Edirne is her playground the last year. You better book your weekend break in Nov 30 – Dec 1 with her, you will feel like a Queen/King to be treated with her “μεράκι”. She will make your trip a memorable experience with every detail planned in prior.

    Relax and enjoy your trip with her.

    Edirne, is a small town in Turkey, very close to the Greek and Bulgarian borders. Edirne was the capital of Turkey and Ottoman empire, before Istanbul, and a city with rich culture and majestic architecture. Edirne is well known for local dishes, especially “Ciğer tava” (breaded and deep-fried thin liver slices) and the gorgeous baklava galore, that no one can try only one! It has 2 big shopping Malls and three historic covered bazaars: Arasta, next to Selimiye Mosque, Bedesten next to Eski Cami and Ali Paşa Çarşısı (Ali Pasha Bazaar).

     Book your trip in Edirne with us now!

    Meeting point on 30/11: Aristotle’s square (Egnatia st.) at 05:00.
    Departing from Thessaloniki on 30/11 at: 05:30
    Reach Edirne: by noon.
    Small city tour and free time for shopping, hamam and strolling around.
    Sunday 1/12: City tour, visiting Selimiye Mosque, Eski Cami, the main pedestrian, baklava testing, Arasta covered market and free time.
    At 15:00 (GMT +3, Turkish time): we start our trip back to Thessaloniki.


    100€ per person for a 3ple room in a boutique hotel.
    110€ per person for a 2ble room in a boutique hotel.
    120€ per person for a 1ngle room in a boutique hotel.
    If you are interested in this excursion please first make a reservation by providing us your name and the number of the participants, your tel. number and your e-mail.
    Contact us:
    T: +30 6946773979
    The next day you must deposit the total amount of your participation in the following bank accounts:
    IBAN Piraeus Bank: GR6101710690006069143695001
    IBAN Alpha Bank: GR4601407310731002002002140
    IBAN EFG Eurobank: GR8302603880000290200155117
    Beneficiary: Alexandros Bousdoukis
    Covered by Leader Travel.
    Adrianoupoleos & Epanomis 26, 55133
    Thessaloniki, Greece
    G.N.T.O. License: 0933E60000096600
  • A Royal Castle for your spa vacation in Ognyanovo, Bulgaria.

    Do you need to feel like a Queen/King in a place where time stops? Then book now this Royal Castle for your vacation in Bulgaria and enjoy a spa weekend in Ognyanovo. (more…)

  • Why Tel Aviv?

    Are you kidding, why not? Everyone should visit Tel Aviv and, for sure, all of you need to know some things before visiting! The city is crazy, diversity is all over the place and it seems like you are in 5 different cities, but you are in one. We could immediately feel the hospitality and we were always a bit alerted, too.  (more…)

  • “Kastania Gi” a memorable guesthouse in Palaios Panteleimonas on Mount Olympus.

    Do you ever need a beautiful, warm place to just relax and enjoy nature, good food and peace of mind along with some light activities? Kastania Gi guesthouse can definitely provide you the warmth of their rooms, great view from the balcony and a creative atmosphere to its lounge. It is located in a traditional village on Mount Olympus (South-East side), where you can enjoy the mountain and the sea at the same time. (more…)

About Me

A travel girl who creates lifetime experiences from scratch and with low budget!

Hi this is Thenia Gagalidou or “Theni” as my foreign friends call me.  😉   I have been a traveller so I can feel your needs when on tour! In 2015 , after 18 months of hard work in companies that was ok for me, I decided to come back to what I loved most: travelling. That is what I can do best and you could have fun with it! So, since then I work on this blog, prepare trip plans (itineraries) for people travelling in Greece, I drive & guide private tours with travellers at off the beaten track destinations (check the reviews on Facebook) and I work as a Tour Leader at Zorpidis Travel Agency in Thessaloniki. Are you curious WHY I love travelling? I used to travel in Greece with my parents since I was a toddler. Every summer visiting Greek islands, living either in tents when camping or in hotels. During the summers every weekend we had a plan: to go to the beach. Halkidiki region was and still is my playground, my friends call me “the Queen of Halkidiki” and you would have the best tours ever there with me. At age 10 I become a sea scout and I start sailing, travelling also without my parents, socializing, see more places and of course hiking the mountains.  You like a place in Greece? I probably have BeenThere and I would love to get you there, too!

From 19-23 years old I was a Cub Scouts Group Leader and that tought me to be creative, responsible, have people skills and practice project management. Every month we had to plan a 2 day trip with the Cub Scouts (30 children, ages: 7-11 years old), prepare the programm, ask from the parents the permission, organise the timetable, be always on time and keep parents informed. I made a lot of mistakes and kknow I know how to do it right. And this is what I do with the trip planning!
Then, as an adult I studied Accounting in Thessaloniki and International Business in Aalen, Germany. I attended some seminars of Salto Youth about Transnational Youth Initiatives Projects and that was when I started learning new languages and travelling abroad. I can speak with you German and Spanish in a basic level and very fluent English and Greek. I have a lot of friends in Greece, I love them a lot and I made a lot of friends around the world, too. I enjoy the international environments and I am interested in exploring them more. If you are students, friends or couples travelling in Greece let me know your story and create a new one together!  🙂 Age no matter to me, we will both enjoy it if you are a teenager, on your 30’s middle aged or old.  😀

Now I  started this blog and I am a Tour Leader, after I tried all these jobs (Business Developer at Coca Cola The Company, Bar Manager inThessaloniki, Secretary in Chemical Products Factory, Shop Manager in Kos island and a few smaller jobs). Last year I got the International Diploma of Travel and Tourism, trained by Google to Grow Greek Tourism Online and all I do at the moment is practice!! I wouldn’t have been anything like that if very close friends wouldn’t have helped me: Sakis, the web developer helped me start and shape that website, Maria the graphic designer helped me with the banners, the business cards, the flyers, and the moral support. Stavroula is a 3d animator and with Maria helped me create the Calendar of 2017 & 2018, which was better that we could imagine. And Angela, my partner, as a social media marketer helped me create and improve our image basicaly on Instagram and also on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.
I can’t thank you enough guys!  🙂

I provide tailor made tours to travellers, help them avoid the bad touristic places, do all negotiations with hotels/restaurants/museums in Greek so you can always feel safe and create a nice memory from this experience! Please try my services and feed me back! 😀  If you still prefer to travel alone, that’s awesome, I did that, too. You can contact me and ask me whatever you need for your trip in Greece, I will be more than happy to bring light to your queries. I hope you relax and enjoy your trip with! See you soon…

I am always open to new collaborations, please contact me so we can start examine the ways.

Use #beenthereeu at the social media to follow my work or visit my pages at the links bellow.


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