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About Us

A travel website about Greece started from scratch with no budget!

We are 4 friends most traveling with our partners, friends and sometimes solo. www.BeenThere.eu is our hobby and is about travelling in Greece, making trip plans for foreign visitors and sharing experience about our journeys. Sometimes, we meet and travel together, share our experiences or just create new ones.

We travel because of our job, for vacation or for our studies. We upload our ideas for alternative travel in Greece, to help travelers avoid the bad massive tourism spots, enjoy the pure nature and we focus on the quality of the services we will use.

All of us are food lovers, some vegan or vegetarian, some of us belong to the lgbt community, all of us enjoy the arts (especially music). Currently, our base (and our home city) is Thessaloniki, the biggest city in Northern Greece and almost every week we explore the nature, the facilities, the choices that someone has in every destination.

So, let’s customize your trip together depending on your personal style..

Sakis is an ΙΤ PhD Candidate, our web developer and indeed an IT science geek. Maria is our designer and our artistic spirit, is an IT graduate and now she studies her 2nd Master Degree, in Graphic Design . Angeliki is a 10-years experienced sales woman and she does everything behind our Instagram account, is the person linked at the dictionary next to the word “social”. Thenia is studying for the International Diploma of Travel and Tourism and writes most the articles of this website.

Use #beenthereeu at the social media to check out work or visit our pages at the links bellow.


  • Buy the “BeenThere.eu Calendar 2017” on Etsy.com

    We are printing!!! The project “BeenThere.eu Calendar 2017” is almost over and tomorrow we will have the items print.. It took us 2 designers (one in London-currently sunbathing in Maldives with her husband- and one working hard in Thessaloniki), one passionate photographer, one marketing freak and myself to create the most cute and useful Calendar for this year! (more…)

  • Studying abroad: An Erasmus Student from Thessaloniki!!

    Are you an Erasmus Student in Thessaloniki or an Erasmus Student from Thessaloniki? Then I am sure this article will ring a bell in your heart! www.BeenThere.eu is partialy a product of an Erasmus student from Thessaloniki in Aalen, Germany. The multicultural experience lived there was like a small spark that created a big fire. (more…)

  • September’s greetings!

    Windy, sunny and still summer. This is how Thessaloniki will welcome you this month. Let’s celebrate the beginning of September, in a city full of life. Thessaloniki’s highlights for this month are the best sunsets of the year, a bunch of urban fests, a big music festival & the international expo. The best part is that summer is not over yet and the beaches of Halkidiki are still waiting for us (more…)


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