• Meteora calling!

    Το ξες ότι λατρεύω την επικοινωνία με τους ανθρώπους και την δια βίου μάθηση. Γι αυτό σε παίρνω και σε βγάζω από το σπίτι να πάμε στα Μετέωρα, στο Σέιχ Σου και στον Χορτιάτη για να νιώσεις αυτά για τα οποία διαβάζεις, να ζήσεις αυτά που βλέπεις στην ΤιΒί, να φοβηθείς σε ασφαλές περιβάλλον, ώστε να ξεπεράσεις τους φόβους σου και να εκπλαγείς με τον εαυτό σου. Σε μικρές ομαδούλες για να έχω άμεση επαφή με όλους/ες και γιατί πιστεύω τόσο πολύ στην δύναμη της ομάδας. 


  • Κοντεύει Δεκαπενταύγουστος

    Καλημέρα και καλή Παναγιά! Έτσι λένε πριν τις 15/08 στα νησιά… ☺

    Δεκαπενταύγουστος για μένα είναι πανηγύρι ή παρτυ στο νησί (ανάλογα το νησί), τραπέζι με θαλασσινά και γιορτή στην οικογένεια γιατί γιορτάζει η μαμά μου, εγώ και η μισή υφήλιος! (more…)

  • Margot, Marley & Shehr June 2017

    Margot, Marley and Shehr are 3 good friends from the Netherlands visited Kos island for their summer vacation in June 2017. They stayed in Kos for about a week and they basically seriously wanted to live the experience of lying on the beach, partying and also to explore the basic touristic/historic attractions on the island. To cover the 3rd part, they chose BeenThere.eu’s tours (more…)

  • “Mountza”: the Greek gesture you need to know!

    “Mountza” is the gesture most used n Greece. Is something like the international middle finger but way softer. Is very easy to do it, you just open wide your hand’s fingers and extend it to someone’s face. You don’t need to touch to others face but the direction must be it. Greeks use it to express 3 different feelings: (more…)

  • Anna January 2017

    Anna is a very friendly Russian woman from San Francisco, California visited Thessaloniki for some personal reasons. She had the privilege to do some day tours, city tours and got to know Northern Greece with us! We had some wonderful walks in the city center and we explored the most interesting suburbs. We also visited mount Olympus, where we met snow of course, because it was January! We were about to visit the Meteora rocks also but the snowstorms of the last days made Anna rescedule it for nextyear!  😀  (more…)

  • Buy the “BeenThere.eu Calendar 2017” on Etsy.com

    We are printing!!! The project “BeenThere.eu Calendar 2017” is almost over and tomorrow we will have the items print.. It took us 2 designers (one in London-currently sunbathing in Maldives with her husband- and one working hard in Thessaloniki), one passionate photographer, one marketing freak and myself to create the most cute and useful Calendar for this year! (more…)

  • Donalt Burness November 2016

    Donald is a former University Professor who started writting poems after his retirement. He visited Greece to study the language, learn the culture and travel more. His poems are all about his wife and his journeys around the world, so when he visited Greece he got inspired and wrote some more poems. With Dan I made 2 tours and that is because I met him only some days before he leaves Greece to continue his journey. We visited the ancient city of Dion and the Mt. Hortiatis together. (more…)

  • Anssi & Anne October 2016

    Annsi and Anne are a young couple and friends from Finnland. They visited Thessaloniki, Greece for their vacation and during their stay we lived a BeenThere experience together in Mt.Hortiatis hiking a bit, collecting chestnuts in the forest, boil them in a fire and making a picnic into nature. This mountain is aproximately 20 Km away from the city center and in October is foul of chestnuts. So we bought some sausages, feta cheese, tomatoes, bread, we took a pot and we started our tour. (more…)

  • Studying abroad: An Erasmus Student from Thessaloniki!!

    Are you an Erasmus Student in Thessaloniki or an Erasmus Student from Thessaloniki? Then I am sure this article will ring a bell in your heart! www.BeenThere.eu is partialy a product of an Erasmus student from Thessaloniki in Aalen, Germany. The multicultural experience lived there was like a small spark that created a big fire. (more…)

  • Glyka & Fotis September 2016

    Glyka & Fotis are a young couple from Greece that live in Copenhagen, Denmark for many years and often come back for vacations and to see their families. So, during their last visit in Thessaloniki contacted BeenThere.eu to arrange a half-day tour. When l met them, they asked me for a tour that will include “a beach with crystal clear water”, “not far away from Thessaloniki” and “a healthy Greek snack”. Hmmm… lt took me a couple of minutes to think about it and then I had the perfect suggestion for them  🙂  (more…)