A perfect boat trip from Sarti to Mt.Athos & Ammouliani island!

Are you dreaming of an ideal summer in Northern Greece? Visit Halkidiki!! Especially Sithonia where nature is magnificent and there are plenty of activities to do, touristic places to visit and hidden gems to discover. One thing that you should definitely do is the day trip to Mt. Athos that Captain Petros is giving with his traditional boat “Katerina Anestis” starting in Sarti, Sithonia! 

It’s one good reason to wake up early, eat breakfast, go to Sarti’s small port and get on board before 09:30! The trip starts there, you sail along the western part of the coastline of Mt. Athos, you see all of the monasteries, then you visit Ammouliani island for lunch and finally you sail along the eastern part of the coastline of Sithonia to end up in Sarti again! It is a smooth circle between the two “fingers of Halkidiki” as we, Greeks, call the Halkidiki Peninsula.

The boat was built and reconstructed the traditional way in Thessaloniki in 2009 and still looks so beautiful! It can host uo to 180 people from May until October. The first owner was Captain Anestis and now his son Captain Petros continues the business after lots of years of experience by his father side. If  you are lucky enough you could see them both on the deck and have a word with them!

While on tour you can see 8 main monasteries of Mt. Athos, most of them Greek, one Russian, one Serbian, one Bulgarian. The most significant monasteries you see from the boat are Agiou Dionysiou, Grigoriou, Simonos Petra, St. Modestos, Xiropotamou and St. Xenofon. You can also see two of the ports where the visitors and the supplies of the Holy Mountain are debarked. You can hear from the speakers about the history of the monasteries, the position of the boat and some general information in several languages. The languages I recognized English are, German, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian and in middle June, July and August also Greek. Later on, the boat makes a stop for approximately 90′ in Ammouliani island, where you can visit one of the beaches of the island or a tavern by the sea for fresh fish and local food. Finally after Ammouliani, we get on board again and we enjoy the sail back to Sarti from the Side of Sithonia this time, with Greek and international pop music on the speakers. Yes, of course you can dance, even if you don’t want the aura of the people andthe scenery will lead you to do it!! 😀

This day trip is a very pleasant experience, in a very friendly and clean environment with people from all over the world as well as Greeks. You can eat some snacks at the bar, you can drink a beer or a refreshment, you can go upstairs or at the main board. The crew is composed by a friendly team of people who seem to love their job cause they are happy and help you enjoy your trip, too. You can find them on facebook and see some more photos of their day trips, make reservations or leave a comment at their page Katerina anestis blue lagoon. So, if it happens to be at a place close to Sarti for your summer vacations in Greece, schedule this boat trip for an unforgettable day in the Greek sea, and I wish you to be lucky and meet some dolphins around the skiff or feed some seagulls to make it a perfect experience!

Book your ticket or book the whole boat for your special day/party, relax and enjoy your trip!




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    Hello.How much does it cost trip to Athos for family-3 adults and 2 children?We would like to go on 17th of July.(tuesday)With best regards,Renata Stec Fill

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      Dear Renata, Stec & Fill,
      I am so sorry for taking so much time to reply you back. All my working equipment was stolen about 2 months ago and I just opened my new Computer. I hope my article helped you to enjoy this wonderful Boat Trip and it increased the quality of your vacation just a bit more!
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      Thank you so much for taking the time to ask me what you needed.
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