Margot, Marley & Shehr June 2017

Margot, Marley and Shehr are 3 good friends from the Netherlands visited Kos island for their summer vacation in June 2017. They stayed in Kos for about a week and they basically seriously wanted to live the experience of lying on the beach, partying and also to explore the basic touristic/historic attractions on the island. To cover the 3rd part, they chose’s tours because they are private and friendly, cheap and customized to their needs. And they loved it!! You can read their reviews in our Facebook page most recent reviews.

Together we made a small road trip on the moutnatin of Kos with stops to the Asklepieion, Haihoutes village and Zia. We firstly visited the Asklepieion, an ancient medical centre placed 4 km to the south east of Kos Town. We admired the excellent view, learnt some interesting things about the Hippocrates medicine, took pictures and “we did it”, as the girls used to say, “like the Greeks”!  😛

After the history part, the authenticity followed when we visited the deserted village of Haihoutes, with the traditional cafe and Saint Dimitrios church. The view was still great cause all these 3 places are on the mountain of Kos island andyou can see other islands and Turkey from up there. We lighted up a candle atthe church, like the greek orthodox do and steped on the belfry to ring the bell. 😎 That is something that only the priest does, but we were almost undiscoverable to that village so we did it! We walked a bit among the ruins of the old deserted houses, where small friedly lizards are everywhere and we continued our way to Zia.

Zia is the most touristic village outside Kos city, it is famous for it’s sunset in the afternoon and for the traditional alleys with the shops and the taverns. The girls were not big fans of shopping so we walked around the alleys, ate an ice-cream, enjoy the time there and left back for Kos city. It was a nice sunny day and we explored Kos island in a way that friends do. Of course I picked them up in the morning from their hotel and delivered them there after the tour was over.

The girls after the tour went to the beach, lied there for long time, played with their inflated unicorn and on their way back to their hotel brough me a Dutch crocket to try (God it was delicious)!! 😀  After this tour we became friends, we went out together, we still keep in touch and some days ago we met in Berlin when we all happen to be there for vacations. I would like to thank you girls for the trust, the exchange of cultural ethics and tastes, and the beautiful moments we shared on Kos island. See you next time in Thessaloniki..  🙂

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