Anna January 2017

Anna is a very friendly Russian woman from San Francisco, California visited Thessaloniki for some personal reasons. She had the privilege to do some day tours, city tours and got to know Northern Greece with us! We had some wonderful walks in the city center and we explored the most interesting suburbs. We also visited mount Olympus, where we met snow of course, because it was January! We were about to visit the Meteora rocks also but the snowstorms of the last days made Anna rescedule it for nextyear!  😀 

Oh my God there is a backstage story about Anna’s pick up from the airport!! Her arrival was already planned some months ago, so she asked me to pick her up from the airport and lucky her she did! Because the previous day had a big snowstorm in Greece and everything was blocked. We are used to sunny and warm weather even in winter, with only 1-2 lightly snow days per year. There was the most snowed days in Thessaloniki the last 30 years!! And we have BEEN THERE, at the airport, to pick Anna up!!! Even the BBC interviewed us cause we were the only car driving in Tsimiski street!! 😆  That was a big win for Anna and us because just us and few more vehicles were moving in the city. And the best thing was that Anna arrived safe and warm at her accomodation, without almost being concerned about this weather problems in the city.

Anna felt like a local because during her stay she visited places in the city that people are authentic, real and passionate. Together we visited Kalamaria for a coffee with a great view of the Marina with the boats, we went in Panorama to check the view of the city and try the most famous desert of Thessaloniki “Panorama’s triangles“. Of course learning by doing is the best way to get familiar with something and Anna got to know better Thessaloniki  and it’s history by going out, walking around and living the real city. We also went to the central market with the most fresh fish, meat, vegetables and it’s funny shop owners! We walked in Agios Dimitrios  church and the catacombs, read its’ history and enjoyed our tea at the port area, with the winter sun in our faces and the most breathtaking view of the sea boulevard! So great feeling!

Anna come back we have to do that again!!

Some days later, after Anna fixed her appointments, we had a great day trip to Mount Olympus! We started our trip with a sunny and warm day. Typical day in Greece! We reached Mt. Olympus in zero time cause we were chating and listening to nice music. And when we started driving up the familiar and beloved road to Prionia location, we were excited! It was fully snowed even in the lower levels and it was extra beautiful… We played with the snow, we took some great pictures, we breathed the fresh air, we reached the maximum point for our safety and then we went dirrectly to the tavernas! 😉 After the great lunch we enjoyed the sunset in Litochoro village with the view of the mountain and we started our trip back home.

We are happy to meet you Anna and spend this marvelous time with you. You are always welcome in Greece and in Thessaloniki. We are so glad you trusted us for your precious free time and let us guide you in our favorite spots! Thank you very much for everything.  🙂

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Enjoy your day and your trip with us…

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