Studying abroad: An Erasmus Student from Thessaloniki!!

Are you an Erasmus Student in Thessaloniki or an Erasmus Student from Thessaloniki? Then I am sure this article will ring a bell in your heart! is partialy a product of an Erasmus student from Thessaloniki in Aalen, Germany. The multicultural experience lived there was like a small spark that created a big fire.

This time the article is written so perfectly from Katerina Mitzia, who also was an Erasmus Student from Thessaloniki in Prague, Czech Republic, and brings those memories back, while motivates us to live more intense experiences like this. No matter the city, the country, the school or the year the Erasmus feelings stay the same.

Relax and enjoy your trip with Katerina…

“Have you ever actually enjoyed doing laundry? Or washing dishes? Well Erasmus is one of those times that you appreciate your freedom so much, even cleaning is nice. You are young, you are abroad, you are alone, you are the master of yourself! People (including me) think Erasmus is an unlimited party: sex, drugs and maybe some rock n’ roll, according to your tastes. Well, it’s not. And this is what makes it so great.

I’ve lived in Prague for almost 5 months and trust me, I will never forget them. I found myself being totally independent, enjoying every little thing without postponing, learnt to communicate better in order to understand others but mostly myself: I realized parting and relaxing are only worth when you actually get tired of something. So I used to sleep less, walk more, explore the things I was scared of. And in the end, I ended up doing everything I was making fun of.

I never nagged about morning classes, I felt thrilled when I had to prepare a project in 10 hours while my friends were partying and I wanted to catch up with them, I loved going to the supermarket and dare myself to be quick enough so that I would have time to shower and then go out. Getting lost alone was fun and in the end, the feeling that this city was like a home to me was priceless.

I have memories in every spot of Prague, I’ve laughed in the rocky backstreets in midnight, I’ve cried on Charles bridge, I was kissed at the tram station at 4 am, I’ve drunk Becherovka at the bank of Vltava, I ate strawberries at the battlements of the castle. My feet got hurt from the numerous museums I’ve visited and also from the crazy dancing nights. I’ve lived pretty much everything and yet I don’t regret a single thing!

There is no greater advantage than having the opportunity to feel sad during a wonderful experience. I feel glad for having “bad” moments while on Erasmus. It means I was alive, sensitive, human. It taught me to rely on myself and manage my emotions. It taught me to express my feelings with no fear. It gave me strength.

I’m not sure if all this awesomeness is because of the city, the people, the experiences or my attitude so I guess it was a combination of all those things. I find it useless to talk about the beauty of Prague cause you have to see it to believe it. If you plan to go there you should be willing to explore. Walk yourself around and risk getting lost because you have some great chance to find small treasures! Remember… there is magic in the air of Prague and it’s always windy, so it’s definitely gonna blow your mind…

Definitely worth visiting:
• Petrin tower and park around
• Metronom in Letna park
• Castle
• Zizkov area
• Technological museum
• Dluha street (if you want to party)

Not recommended:
• Mucha museum
• Segways
• Anything sold around the clock (too expensive)”



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