Why Tel Aviv?

Are you kidding, why not? Everyone should visit Tel Aviv and, for sure, all of you need to know some things before visiting! The city is crazy, diversity is all over the place and it seems like you are in 5 different cities, but you are in one. We could immediately feel the hospitality and we were always a bit alerted, too. 

This city is so intense, imagine it: Is like listening to your i-pod for 30 minutes and every song is great, besides way different from the other. First you’d hear Black Sabbath, then you have the Ed-Sheeran, continue with Vanessa May, you go to Shakira ending with Bob Marley and Nina Simone. Crazy? Yes, but you can definitely find awesome at least one of the above. Right?

Likewise, in Tel Aviv you walk down the city and in the first block you can see skyscrapers and the business center with people dressed in suits. Then you turn down corner and the Bauhaus architecture is everywhere in the “White City”. Later, you fall into Carmel Market, which is similar to a huge flee market, with the surrounding roads filled with street art and gorgeous graffitis. After this you have Florentin, where the air smells revolution and great ideas, everybody is wearing modern clothes and the music is international and very qualitate.

LGBTQ people, flags and culture are everywhere in the city and the Gay Pride in June is simply outstanding! 

Neve Tzedek was the aristocratic part of the city and noways is a hip area with great bars and excellent choices in cheap, homemade style cooked food. We totally recommend you to visit Edmund cafe for breakfast/brunch and of course falafels are always a delicious idea! Keep in mind that TLV is a bit more expensive than most European citiesbut it definitely worths it.

Last but not least at all you have (da daaaah) the beach of Tel Aviv! This great-marvelous-gorgeous beach, which is a combination of Miami, Mykonos and London at the same time! Oh, dear, this beach is the paradise even in December… We have seen some of the most intense sunsets with Jaffa in the background, an ancient port with great history and the old city. The weather is always warm, even in winter you can comfort yourself with the 10-15 °C and some wind to allow the surfers provide you the best of shows.

There are hundreds of choices of things someone can do in the beach of Tel Aviv. Kite surf and surfing is the most common activities in the water, then you can walk along the avenue (from Hilton beach till Jaffa), skate with rollers/long-boards/electric scooters, enjoy a dinner on the sand, work out at the outdoor gym or simply just sit down and read a book.

And then you have the other side of the same coin. You will see minorities of junkies in some central squares, smoking strange things, cooking chemistry and flirting with death. Perhaps some funny people, maybe Africans, while being high, could fully admire your existence, sometimes even whistle at you, but that’s all, they are not going to hurt you. My favorite: A lot of people shout to each other and create conflicts, even for basic communication needs. Follow my thinking:

The last two mornings of our trip we took breakfast to a cafeteria with the best cheese pie ever (they called it “water”) and a boiled egg. The cafeteria was full, there were always people who wanted to order and to pay. But, they were all literally shouting and creating a funny  mess on who is going to eat first, or who is going to pay now and who is going to order after.

If we were a more polite and wait for the imaginary queue to pay for the breakfast, we could be waiting for ever.

But, you know something? If you ask from somebody to help you, they will do whatever it needs to be done for you to be happy and your job successfully completed. They are hilarious, indeed!

Tip: When in doubt, insist!

The most important info, though, is that nobody will harm you and that’s why you will feel free to be authentically you. There are laws applied to everyone, safety and protection are major virtues for Israeli people, and they offer them with a very honest way. Tel Aviv is totally safe and this is the number one reason to visit it.

In reality everyone, from the most wasted addict to the friendliest guide, will give you the privacy you need and take care of their own business. Even the soldiers (men and women) going to the camp with their big guns on hand, they are not gonna scare you more than a firework! 

There are so many reasons to visit Tel Aviv, people, food, the beach, culture and history.

If you are thinking to visit this majestic city, I have to suggest you to just relax and enjoy your trip, is going to be great! Is something so different from what you have already seen. And if you ever need help on planning your trip there we would be happy to help you so find us un instagram @thenangel.team and in facebook BeenThere.eu.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment below.

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  • Ilana // // Reply

    I loveeeeeee Tel Aviv!!! And miss Israel so much. My dream is to return and spend time traveling around the country ❤️❤️

    • theni.gagalidou // // Reply

      Hey Ilana,
      So happy, we brought up memories! We are planning to return there, too, cause this country is really something! We wish you to return in Israel soon dear and maybe we can be so luck you to meet you there!
      Kisses from both Angeliki and I to both of you.

  • Chatziignatiadou Filiw // // Reply

    Καλυπτετε τα παντα μεγαλη βοηθεια και ιντριγκαρετε το μυαλο του ταξιδιωτη για να σας …μιμηθει!!! Σας αρεσε και το..βγαζετε!! Και πιστεψτε με φανταζει τοσο αληθινο ολο αυτο λες και αυριο θα ξεκινησουμε για Εκει!! Μπραβο κοριτσια μου ειστε awesome!!!

    • theni.gagalidou // // Reply

      Ευχαριστούμε Φιλιώ μας,
      Είναι σίγουρο πως στο Τελ Αβίβ θα ξαναγυρίσουμε και μάλιστα σύντομα. Αν, αποφασίσεις να πας κι εσύ κάποια στιγμή να ξέρεις οτι μπορούμε να σου ετοιμάσουμε ένα πρόγραμμα ταξιδίου βασισμένο στα δικά σου γούστα! Σίγουρα, το καλοκαίρι είναι φοβερή περιοδος για να είναι κανείς εκεί και ειδικά ο Ιούνιος που γίνεται το pride!
      You are awesome, too!! <3

  • Liz // // Reply

    Great people, beautiful place and delicious food, what else do we need!! I never thought to visit Tel Aviv, yet after reading your article, this might be my next destination for holidays! Thanks for sharing your experiences!! Bisous from Luxembourg 🙂

    • theni.gagalidou // // Reply

      Hey Liz,
      Thank you for your comment dear! 🙂 You should definitely consider Tel Aviv for your next vacation, it is a magnificent destination and it has so many things to see, eat and feel. It is a non stop city and it triggers your existence, it’s amazing and so simple in the same time. Keep in mind that we create tailor made itineraries and we would love to help you plan your trip to Israel!
      Milles Merci et un baiser de la Grèce!

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