Eat something from abroad: The bavarian breakfast!

Today is Sunday the 14th of February, we go online for first time while a lot of people celebrate the Valentine’s day. Sorry guys, but I can’t wait to speak about my beloved breakfast! The Bavarian breakfast (Weißwurst) is consisted of 2 boiled white Bavarian sausages and a Pretzel. It’s ideal for a Sunday morning or another day that you don’t have to wake up early or a brunch in the middle of the day with a cold beer. To eat it properly you must take the skin off the sausage by making a hole in the two extremes of the sausage or cut it lengthwise and peel off the skin. In a restaurant you can find it with some sweet mustard, but a local will usually add  a few slices of tomato and cucumber. It is always served with the water that was boiled in, to remain warm. It’s not heavy as you think it is, but it gives you energy for a championship! Eating a meal of another culture brings you closer to this culture. So, please, let me know about your favorite breakfast in a comment and who knows maybe next year I would be visiting your city!

Have a nice day. Relax and enjoy your breakfast!



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