September’s greetings!

Windy, sunny and still summer. This is how Thessaloniki will welcome you this month. Let’s celebrate the beginning of September, in a city full of life. Thessaloniki’s highlights for this month are the best sunsets of the year, a bunch of urban fests, a big music festival & the international expo. The best part is that summer is not over yet and the beaches of Halkidiki are still waiting for us to explore.

September for a lot of people is their favorite month because is the beginning of a new season, school year, university semester, sports training period etc. Is like a new start in general. Personally I was always in love with August because you can hang out with friends and go to the beach every day. This year that feeling will change because this Monday we are visiting Limnos island for our summer vacation! So, we are already excited!

Happy new month travelers!! <3  Relax and enjoy September…



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