Pserimos island. Where is that?

One of the smallest islands of Greece, difficult to reach and with a definitely virgin beauty. One of the places of the world that even if you just see it from the airplane or stop with a boat for 10 minutes you should be proud of it!You can reach Pserimos from Kos or Kalymnos, islands of the Dodecanese, where a lot of boats are visiting it every day on a route of a daily cruise and stay there for a couple of hours.  Pserimos has a small port, only a few cars but no roads, the most fresh fish you ever eaten and very clear turquoise sea water. The population of almost 100 people live there growing animals or owning a touristic tavern/shop. The accommodation is most of the times offered  from the tavern owners that have some rooms to rent and there is also a big new-built resort that can host families, couples and friends. There is also a boy scouts camp that every summer hosts scouts from all over the world. This island is a great escape from civilization, a rare hidden gem and even one night spent there is a life time experience for a traveler. The locals are very polite and authentic people, if you can speak Greek they could tell you stories from their isolated life or the sea that they respect and love most of everything. If you are friendly too, they could open their houses for you, invite you to a coffee with a candy, even ask you to stay for lunch! They are very happy to share a moment with you, so if you ever be in Pserimos walk around the houses of the village and interact with them. There are 2-3 beaches that if you stay overnight must visit by walking, one is 1,5km walking and the other 2,5km . Be brave, take a sandwich, a big bottle of water and start feeding your wanderlust!  Now I will share with you some photos from when I have been there and please don’t hesitate to ask for further information cause it’s easy for me to find anything you need to have fun there.

After all that’s my “job”, relax and enjoy your trip.


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  • George // // Reply

    You should also try any kind of fresh seafood at the tavernas by the sea!!!

  • maria // // Reply

    Beautiful place, can’t wait to visit Pserimos for summer 🙂

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