“Mountza”: the Greek gesture you need to know!

“Mountza” is the gesture most used n Greece. Is something like the international middle finger but way softer. Is very easy to do it, you just open wide your hand’s fingers and extend it to someone’s face. You don’t need to touch to others face but the direction must be it. Greeks use it to express 3 different feelings:

  • Anger (Photo no1)

Is very common the drivers to do that when they are angry if someone violates the highway code or the rules . So if you are in a taxi in Greece one day and you notice somebody to open wide his/her fingers and extend his/her hand to the driver, don’t wander what’s that.

  • Childish shame and receiving a reward (Photo no2)

When somebody receives a good comment and wants instead of thank you to say “leave me alone” but inside he/she feels proud makes that gesture. Is more like a childish manner to say thank you when you feel shy about something good you did!

  • Feel of let down (Photo no3)

When you ar tired of doing something, fed up with the process, you don’t have any energy left and someone asks you to continue, then the “mountza” gesture could appear to express the dissapointment! So, if you ever put preasure to a Greek and ask him to do something that he doesn’t want you may receive the “mountza” (and then he/she will probably do it).

“Mountza” is mostly a cute and soft  way to express bad feelings, except the times that somebody is angry and extend it to the other person. So ordering 5 beers in Greece can be tricky if you extend your hand to the waiter with wide open fingers!  😆

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