Anssi & Anne October 2016

Annsi and Anne are a young couple and friends from Finnland. They visited Thessaloniki, Greece for their vacation and during their stay we lived a BeenThere experience together in Mt.Hortiatis hiking a bit, collecting chestnuts in the forest, boil them in a fire and making a picnic into nature. This mountain is aproximately 20 Km away from the city center and in October is foul of chestnuts. So we bought some sausages, feta cheese, tomatoes, bread, we took a pot and we started our tour.

After a small and easy hike to the “Eagle’s rock” as the Cub Scouts name this magnificent point where you can see the whole Thermaicus gulf and the best view of Thessaloniki from the top of it, we collected chestnuts and we lighted up a fire in a protected place. We prepared our lunch by cooking on fire the sausages, the greek traditional starter called “bougiourdi”, some potatoes with foil and of course the chestnuts. The images could speak on their own but I must tell you that we had really fun and joyfull moments. After we finished lunch we made sure that we put the fire out correctly, collected all our rubbish and left the place in a little bit better condition that we found it. Nextstop at Periklides cafe, a warm, traditional atmosphere with great music and organic tea! An adventourous day closes with a relaxing moment close to the fireplace in Hortiatis village. I would like to thank you Anssi and Anne for your trust and for the beautifull moments we created in Thessaloniki together. See you next time during the summer so we can explore the beaches wearing t-shirts and sunglasses!  😀

You are always welcome to book another private tour with me and, please contact me in or here for more info about the destinations, the dates and the prices.

Enjoy your day and your trip with us..

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