“Kastania Gi” a memorable guesthouse in Palaios Panteleimonas on Mount Olympus.

Do you ever need a beautiful, warm place to just relax and enjoy nature, good food and peace of mind along with some light activities? Kastania Gi guesthouse can definitely provide you the warmth of their rooms, great view from the balcony and a creative atmosphere to its lounge. It is located in a traditional village on Mount Olympus (South-East side), where you can enjoy the mountain and the sea at the same time.

We accidentaly spent a night to this accomodation on a roadtrip and we went back a week later to stay two more really wonderfull nights. We actually felt like home both times because Mr Kostas, the owner of the guest house, is always ready to host travelers in a friendly and very helpful way. He is a really good example of Greek hospitality and you would be lucky to spend some time with him.

I am sure that one of the 12 private rooms, built with stones and wood will match your needs if you travel solo, as a couple or group of people.The rooms’ interior decoration is traditional and includes handmade sculpted shutters and furniture.

It feels like you are a local 50 years ago, when everything was so authentic and you still have what you need to live like a millenial.

If you are travelling in a low budget, you love cooking or you just need a quick soup or tea right now, you can use the facilities provided in the room to cook whatever you want at anytime! 😀 There is a toast maker and 2 portable cooking rings (a small one and a bigger one),  a package of crispy bread, tea, butter and local jam in the fridge, pots, a frying pan, cups, glasses, shallow and deeper plates, different kinds of cooking ladles and of course forks, knives and spoons.

Is a beautifull place that you have everything you need to feel familiarity and comfort.

I am sure that if you need something else and you ask for it, Mr Kostas would find the best way to help you, because his simple and innovative character always creates a magic atmosphere out of ordinary things.

That’s why the breakfast he cooks everyday for his guests is the most delicious breakfast and feeds your soul, too! The guesthouse also has outdoor barbeque facilities and a kiosk, that you can cook and enjoy a memorable meal outside at the tables on the grass with the great view, or inside at the cozy living room! If you are a group of people visiting “Kastania Gi” you could enjoy a meal like this, prepared and cooked by Mr Kostas, who has been a cook in France in the past and, believe me, he really “got it”!! In this case you just have to inform him before your arrival so he can plan everything.

Palaios Panteleimonas is a traditional village, whose buildings are quite old and the last years rebuilt strictly with stones and wood. You would be impressed by it’s architecture and you would definitely love to walk around its aleys built with stones, too. Sometimes the village becomes extra crowdy and the position of “Kastania Gi” can give you the peace of mind you need, because it is located only 150m away from the beginning of the main paved road of the village.

It is also 6Km away from the beach of Neoi Poroi and Platamonas and it has a private parking for it’s visitors. Someone living in “Kastania Gi” can make multiple activities like: hiking Olympus mountain in easy/medium/hard trails starting from the village, swimming into the sea, paragliding, visiting Platamonas castle and of course try the great food of the taverns of the village after these activities!! Take a look at our article about all the activities you can do at the area or visit Kastania Gi’s website to see what is recomended!

Our stay in Mr Kostas made by love guesthouse “Kastania Gi” in Palaios Panteleimonas in mount Olympus was an experience different form others, very authentic and for sure memorable. We will deffinately be back soon because is only 100Km away from Thessaloniki (1 hour and 20 min driving) and I suggest you to Be There, too, because with aprox. 40€-65€, depending on the room and the number of the visitors per nigh, will totally satisfy our needs!


Kastania Gi website: http://kastania-gi.gr/en/  (online booking available)

Booking.com (9,5/10): www.booking.com/kastaniagi

Google reviews (4,6/5) : www.google.com/kastaniagi


Relax and enjoy your stay at Kastania Gi in Palaios Panteleimonas traditional village. If you need us to help you plan your trip in the area or share the experience in a private trip let us know in our email: hello@beenthere.eu and we will be glad to Be There for you!  😀


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