Mount Dikeos means “fair” and it’s in Kos island!

Have you ever visited Kos island and hiked Mt. Dikeos? If not, please, put it on your list cause that island is extra touristic and you will need an unexploited spot with a sense of authenticity. One of those is Mt. Dikeos, is only  846 m high but you can see from its’ top at least 3 more islands and the coast of Turkey!

There are two starting points and two roots that they meet somewhere in the middle. The first starts in Zia village (photo above) and the other one is at the eastern part of Zia, after a big parking lot, at Ag. Dimitrios location. The rout is small and easy, ideal for ages depending on the physical condition. Don’t worry if you don’t have the appropriate equipment or you are not in shape. Just get a good sleep, an energetic breakfast and take the decision to climb the mountain . This hill is made from limestones, marbles and volumes of volcanic rocks so in your way you can enjoy the rich nature and the fragrant aroma of pine trees and brushwood. The remains of Medieval settlement and water reservoirs bear witness to human activity in the region already from ancient times where the mountain was called Oromedon. Maybe Hippocrates was doing his everyday exercise up there!

When you reach the top there are two peaks, the one with a big white Cross and the Christos peak, where a small festival takes place at the afternoon of 5th of August and all the locals hike up that day. They overnight there and then celebrations are held the night, before attending a mass service at 6th of August. If you want to attend, don’t forget your headlamp or a light, cause the moon is shining and it’s a romantic scene but you always need some artificial help to avoid problems. During the morning the view is magnificent! You literally are in the middle of an archipelagos, among the islands and you feel like zooming in at Google Earth. Some good news for those who start from Ag.Dimitrios are that when they reach the village again, there is a taverna with a hammock, where you can relax and drink a coffe or tea! And the good news don’t stop here cause after you go for a shower, you can go to the beach you fancy to enjoy the sun and the sea, cause after all you are on an island!

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need anything about the routes, the festivals or other alternative spots in Kos and keep in touch cause there will be more articles about.

Relax and enjoy your hike!


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  • Corina // // Reply

    Planning to do it with my than 18 year Old daughter on out 4th visit to Kos. We thought we could use a challenge.. will be may/june 2019

    • theni.gagalidou // // Reply

      Dear Corina,

      It will be great for you and your daughter to visit Mt. Dikeos, since you have already visited the island 3 times.
      It’s easy route, beautiful view on top and is just a small challenge for yourselves.
      Whatever you need for help or tips you can always reach me in whats-app and viber using my phone, send me an e-mail at or easier at social media:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to ask me what you needed.
      Kind regards from Greece,

      Thenia Gagalidou

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