Cedric & Micha June 2016

Cedric is an architect from Belgium and Micha is a pastry cook from Czech Republic. They both live in Belgium and they chose Northern Greece for their summer vacations. Their base was Thessaloniki because Cedric have been there during his Erasmus studies back in 2009. So, we helped them plan their 9 days-trip from scratch, find accommodations according to their budget and personal style, make their transportations easy and independent and enjoy the hidden gems of the areas they visited.
They have booked us 3 months before their arrival in June 2016 and we planned everything from distance. We visited places like Halkidiki and some of the most beautiful beaches there, we had a mt.Athos trip, we visited the holy rocks of Meteora and Mt.Olympus, Siatista and of course Thessaloniki. We did almost 1000km, visited some of the most important places in Northern Greece, explored places that are still not spoiled from massive tourism. Tried some fresh local food and drinks, had nice chats, privacy when needed, some funny moments and of course a party night!

It was the first trip that we were entirely on charge and if we did any mistakes, those two friends helped us to learn from them and be even better to what we do best! Thank you very much for your trust Cedric and Micha and I am sure we are gonna meet again very soon!

You are always welcome to book another private tour with meand BeenThere.eu, please contact me in hello@beenthere.eu or here for more info about the destinations, the dates and the prices.

Best wishes, hugs and kisses…

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