A Royal Castle for your spa vacation in Ognyanovo, Bulgaria.

Do you need to feel like a Queen/King in a place where time stops? Then book now this Royal Castle for your vacation in Bulgaria and enjoy a spa weekend in Ognyanovo.

Follow the steps:

  1. Click here: http://www.royalvalentinacastle.com/spa.html
  2. Translate the page.
  3. Get impressed by the services and the prices!  😮
  4. Make a reservation (make sure you enter you tel. number).
  5. Wait for your call from Mrs Gergana (she can speak Bulgarian, Greek and some English).
  6. Sit back and enjoy Madonna’s song: “Time goes by so slowly!”

Not persuaded yet? Then keep in mind that every room is inside the castle and the decoration includes walls with bricks, torches, huge round beds, very comfortable furniture and some of them a light-fire and a Jacuzzi. It has a balcony with the view of the whole city above, because it is built on a hill. And if your room doesn’t include a balcony, you can still enjoy the magic from your window, while nobody can see you cause there is only fresh air and mountains in the next 10Km.

Are you a nature lover? ECO HOUSES are for you! You live outside the castle but with a view to it. Your house is round, decorated with wood and stones, you still have your private Jacuzzi and light-fire and when you get out of it you are into nature, where you can lie at your sun-bed, away from the masses. You will feel like a hobit! That’s my favorite choice: The Indian House!

In the basement floor of your castle there is the restaurant where you can eat big portions of delicious food, cheap and right next to your room. The schnitzel was really awesome! Also you can try the famous wine from Melnik that will make you wanna stay there forever.

And the breakfast? It will stay to your memory forever! The buffet is full of breads and croissants, eggs (scrambled and boiled), cheese, sausages, pies, vegetables, fruits, butters, corn flakes, marmalade, honey, yogurt,  milk, coffee and the stuff can help you find what your soul needs, cause they have the can-do attitude and I loved it. The best part of it, though, is that you can enjoy eating it inside at the restaurant, outside at your balcony or at the royal yard, your majesty! In the garden, under a very aristocratic and private tent, surrounded by the grass and with a view to the castle… Like a Queen and a King!

And finally, your majesty, you must go there for the Spa of the Royal Valentina castle. FOR FREE! You will be speechless with the two pools outside and the two pools inside, with warm water all year round. You will be so excited with the Jacuzzi inside and the Jacuzzi outside! The sauna always remain a classic way to relax your muscles and soul. With some extra charge the massages variety is so big that you would like to try them all and then relax in the luxurious living room for a drink.

Not persuaded yet? I will let the images talk while you put yourself into them.

I am sure you are already persuaded and you are thinking already the possible dates you could maybe visit it.

So, here you are and you’re welcome:  http://www.royalvalentinacastle.com/index.html

Please, note that the city under the Royal Valentina Castle is so beautiful, and even though you will be addicted to the castle, it definitely worths to pay a visit. Drink a coffee next to the lake or enjoy a ride with the “water bicycle”. Make sure when you are leaving the village that you will stop to one of the hundreds of fields with sunflowers for a selfie!  😀

Can’t wait for the autumn to arrive to enjoy again this beautiful castle on the mountains of Bulgaria. Forget about Bansko if you are not a skier, you can enjoy much more the natural springs, into nature, with such a great facilities, too.

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